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About our glasses

Are NIVÓ sunglasses of good quality?

Yes. All our sunglasses are of good quality. Our sunglasses go through various test phases and we apply strict quality requirements. Before we put sunglasses on the market, they have been extensively tested and unanimously assessed as a high-quality product.

Do your sunglasses have a UV-400 filter?

Yes. All our sunglasses have a UV400 filter and therefore give you the best protection for your eyes.

Are your sunglasses sturdy?

How sturdy sunglasses are depends on the frame. Some glasses are sturdier than others. In general, all our sunglasses are of good quality. We have tested them extensively and they meet our strict quality requirements.

How long do your sunglasses last?

NIVÓ glasses can be expected to last a number of years. If this is not the case, you may still be able to make use of the warranty. Read more in the category: Warranty and Returns.

My product was delivered broken or damaged, what now?

Despite our strict control and quality requirements, it is possible that glasses with factory errors are present. If your glasses contain one of the following defects upon receipt, please contact us:

  • The release of a lens coating
  • Releasing the frame coating
  • Soldering errors on hinges
  • The lack of parts