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Our Story

This is the part where we explain who we are, why and how NIVO started. Since the beginning we all moved based on our feelings, interests and genuine passion. Previously we never talked about ‘Our Story’, because the whole team had just one vision. To build a beautiful community while moving with our passion for expressing ourselves. We have looked at a lot of our story’s of a lot of other brands and they are all going in-depth about their products. We can understand why, but that’s not our main reason why we started NIVO.

Before we started we already knew what we wanted to share, but not how we wanted to extend this into a product. We just knew we wanted to shine light. Until someone noticed we used the word light a lot and came up with the idea to create our own frames. Which started as kind of a joke turned into existence which is just crazy to experience now we have grown so much. Like we mentioned before we wanted to do it differently, so we decided to look at our own thoughts on the industry. We saw a true gap with the quality and pricing of the glasses just as we saw a gap at the personality with brands. This is the reason we decided to create frames, but there were two things we swore by. The sunglasses needed to be an extension of ourselves and accessible to ourselves. That’s exactly how we moved in the entire creation process, and we are so proud looking back to it. We truly created a collection which is not only affordable, but in a quality we truly stand by.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our frames as much as we do, but there is one more important thing. We hope that we will not only inspire you guys, but we hope to get inspired by you as well. We are NIVO.